User guide

How to Refer a Case to Mediation

  • Obtain your client’s consent and explain the process

  • Obtain agreement from other party(s) to refer case to mediation either:

(1) Directly yourself; or

(2) Dispute Mediation Services will contact [the solicitor/party/representative] on the other side on your behalf (this free service involves our Mediator discussing the notion of mediation with the other side in an attempt to bring them to the table)

  • Appoint Dispute Mediation Services
  • Dispute Mediation Services will provide parties with a suitable mediator, taking into consideration: nature of dispute, complexity of case, location of parties etc.

  • Parties agree to appointment of Dispute Mediation Services.

Dispute Mediation Services co-ordinate between parties as to preferred date, venue, preparation, procedure etc.

  • Each party will prepare and forward to the Mediator a concise summary of their case, together with key supporting documentation (mutual exchange of these documents may also take place)
  • Signed Agreement to Mediate [prepared by Dispute Mediation Services], together with deposit fee payable, are to be returned to Dispute Mediation Services prior to the commencement of the mediation*
  • Mediation takes place on scheduled date at agreed venue

At the conclusion of the mediation, a final invoice for any additional fees will be issued

* Mediator will contact the parties, usually telephonically, a few days in advance of the mediation to discuss the procedure to be followed, any points that have arisen from the position papers, who will be attending and with what authority etc.

Please Contact Dispute Mediation Services for further information